We are an organization formed by experience people in business, education/training, research, advertising and consulting.


The simulation

Markop is a strategic marketing operation simulation, which offers undergrad and MBA students, and professionals of any business organization a very flexible, understandable and linked to the real business universe learning tool, to put in practice concepts and the ability to generate the skills of making decisions in a competitive environment and linked to the real world. Decision made in this simulation affect its own business results and the competitors’ as well The type of decision made in this simulation are Product design, Product portfolio/New product launches, Pricing, Advertising and Distribution/Sales force size, as well as Production, finance and market and industry research Teams must plan not only for short-term profits, but also for long-term objectives; the name of the game is not just tactics, but long-term strategy.




More than 30 years of experience among its founders, in business strategy, operation, training, research and consultancy



Simulations linked to real world creating a business social network among participant and facilitators


Custom Analysis

We adapt our business training programs and tools to specific company or university


Our System

Practical, intuitive, easy to use, linked to real business world, with realistic and competitive environment

We provide:

  • A Practical, intuitive, easy to use, linked to real business world, with realistic and competitive environment, hands on, interesting, analytical but entertaining with business experienced facilitators training courses and tools, providing the participant with the ability of the “Next Day Application” of every aspect he/she has been trained for.
  • A training tool and courses that are flexible, that can be adapted to an organization need and to different participant profiles: from entrepreneurs to mid and top management in an small, med or large organization, and from undergrad to graduate students, in its on language.
  • A developed team work ability, innovation, creative and more analytical way of thinking and thus are more prepared for the real world’s challenges, and leadership.
  • A trining in business, in a very accessible way (in site or online), without stopping participant real business activities and eliminating participant training travel expense, finding a real and immediate Return on Investment in every training course.


The founders of Biztram

  • In the academic side have experience: designing, developing and facilitating undergrad and grad courses and tools for business and universities.
  • In the real business world founders have experience in retail, telecom, technology among other industries, operating as entrepreneur and as top management.
  • The best of these two world has been combine to offer the “best in class” business training, research, advertising, consultancy and other services.